Q:    When will our office receive diagnostic results?

A:    For routine specimens, you may expect a result within 24 hours of receipt in our laboratory. If further studies are required, the turnaround time may be longer.  

Q:    What if our office needs a result quickly?

A:    Cases may be designated as rush by writing RUSH on the requisitions and calling the laboratory directly. Rush cases are given priority and results are reported as soon as the case is completed.  Such results can be phoned to office if desired.


Q:    When will we get our reports, and how will we receive them?

A:    We offer several reporting methods including Courier paper delivery, Desktop printing and Delivery, Auto-faxing, and EMR interface.  Contact us to discuss what method may best suit the needs of your practice.

Q:    Why do my patients get a bill from Pathologists Diagnostic Services and/or Pathologists Diagnostic Laboratory?

A:    You have referred your patient’s specimen to Pathologists Diagnostic Laboratory for processing. Upon arrival in our laboratory, the tissue samples undergo multiple processing steps before being embedded in wax, sectioned and placed on glass slides by our professional laboratory staff (technical services). Each slide is carefully examined by one of our board-certified pathologists and a professional diagnosis is rendered (professional services). A report is dictated, transcribed and sent to you. Your patient or patient’s insurance is generally billed globally for our services.  There are special instances when your patient may be billed for technical and professional services separately. If your patients have any billing questions, we encourage them to contact our billing department at

Phone: (336) 999-8888
Fax: (336) 999-8889

Q:    How do I schedule or order an FNA for my patient?

A:    Our 5 star rated Customer Service Department at 336-718-5856 would be delighted to assist you.


Q:    What insurance providers do you participate with?

A:    We participate with and receive reimbursement from most insurance carriers and will work with new ones as we believe it should be the physicians’ choice as to who provides a diagnosis for patients' pathology  specimens. Most managed care companies reimburse their providers' choice of pathology labs. If your patient is ever penalized for work sent to us, please notify our client service representative immediately. 

Q:    Do you offer self-pay discounts?

A:    Yes, in most cases we will honor the discount extended to your patient by your office.


Q:    What is the difference between PDL and PDS?

A:     PDL (Pathologists Diagnostic Laboratory) is the laboratory that performs the technical services that prepare the specimens for reading by the Pathologists.  The Pathologists are PDS (Pathologists Diagnostic Services) and they perform the professional component by rendering a diagnosis on the specimen.