Antibodies used for IHC staining techniques allow for the visualization of antigens via the sequential application of a specific antibody to the antigen (primary antibody), a secondary antibody to the primary (link antibody or labeled polymer), an enzyme complex, and a chromogenic substrate with interposed washing steps. The enzymatic activation of the chromogens in a visible reaction product at the antigen site. The specimen may then be counterstained and coverslipped. Results are interpreted using a light microscope and aid in the assessment of the presence or absence of specific substances or markers, allowing a more thorough characterization of pathophysiologic processes.

The Estrogen Receptor, Progesterone Receptor, and HER2 test slides performed on breast cancers are reviewed & scored on our imaging system and reported out by our pathologists.

The IHC area participates in the CAP HER2-B proficiency testing program which consists of a tissue microarray and virtual images.